How to Choose a Fine-quality Metal Detection System

How to Choose a Fine-quality Metal Detection System

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  • Wed Jul 22, 2020
How to Choose a Fine-quality Metal Detection System

If you have certain metal-detection requirements, whether professional or personal that requires an efficient metal detection system and soon you are going to buy it, then you just have arrived at the right place. As the expert manufacturers of metal detection systems in India, here we are going to share some vital tips regarding metal detection systems.

While selecting the right metal detector, avoid making spontaneous decisions. You need to check the available choices according to your application, their capabilities and other crucial specifications related to the metal detection mechanism. With proper inspection and sound decision, not only you would be saving your valuable money but also enhancing the efficiency of the metal detection application.

How to Choose a Metal Detection System Smartly

As the highly-experienced manufacturers of metal detection and magnetic systems in India, we are going to make you familiar with some basic parameters of the metal detecting machines. On those criteria, you will be able to find and decide which metal detection is apt for your purpose. Refer and understand the following points before going out to buy a metal detector.

Target identification: Target identification feature helps metal detection systems to distinguish between different metallic objects such as nickel coins, iron coins, silver jewellery, metallic foil/junk or valuable gold items. It is a great tool on a metal detector that is usually built with an alarm system to leave an audible tone for valuables and a low pitch sound for junk. This phenomenon is also called tone identification. Also, if the metal detection system is equipped with an LCD display screen then the target visual appears on the LCD display screen, with a certain numeric that tells about their probable targets.

Operating Frequency: The frequency of the metal detector is simply the number of times the detecting signal is transmitted and received by the metal detection system in one second. If a detector is operating at a lower frequency, it signifies that the detector is built to scan deeper, thus offering better detection depth than the high-frequency metal detectors. Usually, the general-purpose metal detectors are made to operate at lower frequencies. High-frequency detectors are made for specific purposes like for finding small objects and gold. Thus, you should know the adequate type of metal detector suitable for your purpose in terms of their operating frequencies. 

Sensitivity: Sensitivity of a metal detector means it’s the ability to detect metallic objects from a distance. If it is set too low, you may not be able to detect the metals in the desired manner also, if it's set too high, you may observe the distortion in the detecting signals. Sensitivity is meant in an optimal manner and most of the manufacturers mark their detectors with that optimum range of sensitivity that would be ideal for the detection operations. Depending on your type of metal detection requirement, you may need to reset it. It is highly recommended to lower the sensitivity, near power lines and high-mineral or ore sources.

Discrimination: Discrimination is the ability of the detection system to distinguish between distinct objects. The metal detector should be able to determine whether the signal is coming through thrash items like bottle caps, rusted metallic materials or something valuable. Otherwise, you would end up digging or inspecting every other signal source.

Ground Balance: Whether you are detecting the soil or the baggage, almost everything contains at least a minimal amount of metal. Such presence of metal may interfere with the metal detector capability to detect genuinely valuable items like coins and jewellery. The ground balance enables us to bypass such objects. 

Search Depth: As the term itself suggests, this is the depth up to which the respective metal detector can search for the metallic objects such as coins, knives or some other similar objects. Usually, the metal detectors operating at lower frequency detectors offer deeper reach. Also, their search coil size determines that strength, the larger the search coil, the deeper it can search. Depending on the purpose you have to serve, the search depth based specification of the metal detector may prove crucial for you. 

Before buying a metal detector, you must analyse its application thoroughly. You will find numerous choices to avail but you need efficient tools to accomplish your requirements. Thus, you should match the above-mentioned specifications of the metal detectors according to your requirements. That will prove very beneficial for you and your task.

Either you can match the specifications according to your requirements or simply connect with the expert manufacturers and suppliers of Metal Detector in India to find the best suitable choices for your purpose. Magna Tronix specialises in making metal detection systems and we can provide you with apt metal detecting solutions quickly.

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